merry christmas charlie brown {.002}

spring outfit.
flowers bloom.
homemade salad.

well, the weekend is over. i spent it all with my family witch always makes it a good one. i got caught up on cleaninglaundry, did some administrative work for quentin’s business & jayden made me a salad {out of grass, mind you}.
all weekend he would not stop reading “a charlie brown’s christmas” by charles schulz. sounds great – right? let’s add that this book is the interactive version with sound {thank you grandma lene}. let’s just say I wanted to throw charlie brown off the balcony. but, i didnt have the heart to. jayden just looked so cute immersed in that book reciting the songs.
the things you sacrifice for your child. in my case it was a little bit of sanity.
{totally worth it}
sacrifice is a part of life. it’s supposed to be. it’s not something to regret. it’s something to aspire to.”
― mitch albom

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