better than mommy {.003}

jayden's toothbrush & toothpaste

6:31AM. this is usually the time i have jayden brush his teeth and get ready for school. this time the routine changed a little. as soon as we got into the bathroom – he asked for “daddy“. i told him “daddy” was still sleeping. immediately, without any hesitation – he started crying. not like “tears-are-just-casually-running-down-my-face-and-i-hope-this-is-enough-to-make-you-realize-i’m-upset” kind of crying. i mean bawling out of control crying. i asked him what was wrong and all he could mutter was “daaaddyyyyyy,”. i knew there was something deeper than that wrong with him but, of course he couldn’t articulate it to me. all he knew was that whatever bad feeling he was experiencing, only daddy could fix it.

so, what did i do? took him do daddy. and mind you i cradled him in my harms and stroked his head for some minutes before this {felt kind of insignificant at that point}. instead of telling him to “suck it up” and brush his teeth, i remembered how it felt to be a kid and how it’s nothing personal, but one parent just does something for you that the other can’t in some situations, {that’s why God gave you two}. as much as my feelings were hurt, i knew he needed his good-ol dad to make things right. i can’t blame him for wanting his daddy all the time, he’s always driving to his clients early in the morning until the late evening {he’s a personal trainer & his schedule is jam packed}.

i hoverd over our bed with jayden crying in my arms & of course that woke quentin up. jayden cried, “daddddyyyyyy!” one last time and menuvered his way onto quentin’s chest.

immediately – the crying ceased. it was almost as if someone had pushed the mute button on the television remote & jayden was a television {i really wish i could do that in real life sometimes}.

quentin asked, “what’s wrong stinky?” {that’s one of the many nicknames we have for him, it’s a long story}. he didn’t say a word. he was just – silent. we looked at eachother & shruged.

a couple minutes later jayden hopped up and ran to the bathroom. as he ran i asked, “are you ready to brush your teeth like a big boy?”.

“yes!” he replied, as if nothing ever happened. that little boy gets over whatever hurdles are plauging him so quickly. and so the day continued. quentin and i still don’t know what was wrong with him. as long as he’s happy, that’s all that matters.

“one father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.”
– george herbert, outlandish proverbs, 1640


3 thoughts on “better than mommy {.003}

    • Thank you! You are so right! It was hard to “give in”, but that was one of the times where I felt I had to but my “parenting tactics” to the side & be there for him. 🙂

  1. I applaud your strength! And I am glad to know that I am not the only one who feels insignificant when my daughter wants daddy instead of me. I have cried because of this a few (meaning more than a few) times. I even wrote one of my first blogs about it.
    I finally came to the realization the other day that it is not because she doesn’t want me, or doesn’t love me… she just wants her daddy RIGHT NOW, at this particular moment. And that is ok. (still hurts a teeny bit though.)

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