Five tips on how to NOT feel like baby poop {.004}

So, if you follow me on twitter, you would have seen my tweet stating:

Yup, it’s true. I don’t know how it happened. But, myself and Quentin are coming down with something. Jayden seems okay, just an occasional cough {I’m still keeping a close eye on him though}.

Today wasn’t especially terrible or anything, but I can certainly tell that I needed to sleep in. My body is just not having it today. Being a Mom is tough – especially when your sick. Jayden could definitely feel my energy – I just wasn’t myself. So instead of being a Debby downer and going into detail about how terrible I feel, I thought I’d share five tips for fellow Moms {or anyone really} who feel like trash, but have to keep the household together {go to work, shuffle the kids to school, make dinner, etc.}.

Green Tea

Tip #1: Look nice

This seems like a pretty simple one, but makes such a difference! When you look good you feel good. Let me clarify. I don’t mean look the way you do everyday. Spruce it up a little bit. Do you hair with a few soft curls, if you never wear makeup – throw some mascara on! If you always wear makeup, try out a new lipstick/lipgloss combination. Basically what I’m trying to say is set aside some time for you! Don’t wallow in your sick feeling with a dull hairstyle and “I-don’t-feel-good-but-I-have-to-get-up-so-I-threw-something-together” outfit {you know what I’m talking about}.

Tip #2: Fake a smile

You’d be surprised how well this works. We have more control over our bodies than we think we do. The mind controls everything. You can literally trick your body into thinking you feel better than you do. Your brain releases endorphines {which are natural pain killers} and serotonin every single time you smile. These chemicals will help you relieve any pain {including mild headaches} or stress your under. All things seem stressful when you’re sick. It seems like no one is cooperating with you. Smiling through the frustration and laughing at the minor snags in your day will help you feel tons better.

Tip #3 Listen to your favorite song

Music is your mood with a beat. Listening to one of your favorite songs totally lifts your mood. One of my favorite songs right now is Tonight is the night by OutasightIt is everything I like in a song. Upbeat, catchy, positive & most of all it sounds like the artist had a great time creating the track. I don’t have time to sit at the computer and download every single song that I like, but Pandora helps me discover new music and get a taste of what I already like. The radio is still cool too. Just embrace a good song!

Tip #4 Drink Green Tea

Antioxidants are your body’s best friend. Unfortuntately, with the fast pace environments we are usually in we skip getting thoes antioxidants from fruit. Make sure the tea is warm when you drink it. When your body is nice and warm it has a better chance of fighting off a virus. Plus, it just feels really god going down. So curl up with a nice book, grab a blanket and drink up!

Tip #5 Drink 100% Juice

This is hard for some. When you aren’t feeling well only drink 100% juice {& water of course}. Don’t drink juice from concentrate, kool aid, lemon aid, or soda. Why? It takes quite a bit of energy for your body to get rid of all of the artificial mess that you put in it {junk food eaters, ever wonder why you’re so tired – you’re not alone. I’m guilty too}. So, if you take the time to put super good stuff in it you’ll recover much faster! Plus it actually tastes a lot better than the stuff with added sugar and juice from concentrate (to me anyway). It’s a win, win!

I hope these tips help you get over your cold if you have one. It seems that no matter what season it is, I know someone who has some sort of cold. Allergies can sometimes spark a cold as well.

As the day went on and Quentin and I went about our days each of us started to feel better. After working out {a great stress reliever} Quentin didn’t feel so sick anymore and after talking to a friend I started to feel better as well. My friend and I were talking about school {I’m a college student}, life and just finding ourselves and young professionals and young people in general and she said this to me:

“…take your time. Same thing goes for school. You are amazing for being a full time mother and getting your degree! I always say time is…just that. You’re young and vibrant. There is no need to rush, all will fall into place exactly how it’s supposed to be. Just stay positive and stay away from flying debris.” {I told her my household was a tornado, which is far from an exaggeration in my eyes}

It just goes to show that doing things you enjoy like talking to friends or working out {basically, sticking to your normal routine} can really make a difference in your overall mood. It also relieves a bit of stress. So, if your feeling under the weather. Feel better!

“The best of healers is good cheer.”


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