Grateful {.012}


This weekend was filled with Jayden and I catching up on house work & a mini trip to the library.

At the library he had a blast climbing on the little play set and doing puzzles. There was a mentally challenged child there that wanted to read books with him, but he was a little rough. I could tell that his caregiver couldn’t control him, so I kind of had to step in. It was really uncomfortable for me since he wasn’t mine and I wasn’t sure how the child was going to react. But, Motherly instinct to protect Jayden when he couldn’t protect himself {the child was at least 7 or 8}overrode all of those feelings. I’m just grateful that Jayden didn’t get hurt and I didn’t go crazy {not on the child, but on the caregiver}.

Everyone deserves to be made a priority and taken care of. That little boy was just swept under the rug and wasn’t being paid any attention. I’d act out too if no one paid me any attention.

Of course I’m grateful that Jayden did not have any birth defects and can function and communicate with me. But, more than anything, that incident made me realize how thankful I am that Quentin and I were prepared to love him with all of our hearts, give him the attention he needs and deserves & give our lives for him if it came down to it regardless of his condition.

It’s the simple things that make the difference. But, if you think about it, that kind of love is pretty complicated. You never really get it until you’re a parent.

Kids spell love T-I-M-E.

John Crudele


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