Wuddup Weekend? {.017}

This weekend was better than most. Went on a date to see ‘Think Like A Man’ with my better half. Jayden spent the entire day with his Pop Pop Kenny {they play so cute together}. He got a new truck. {This will make number 17 – it’s a garbage truck that makes lots of noise. JOY.}. Putting empty apple sauce & jelly jars to use around the house is so fun. My kitchen is so clean I want to sleep in it. Books are ordered  & classes are registered for summer semester {nervous}. Next weekend is Jaydens 3RD Birthday Party & actual DOB {cue violins}. Jayden’s Uncle Corey, Gooma Lene & Great Gooma Fran are coming to celebrate!
Life is pretty sweet. Let the week begin.
That it will never come again is what makes life sweet.
Emily Dickenson

2 thoughts on “Wuddup Weekend? {.017}

  1. Haha. Yes! Spread the good weekend love. You deserve it!
    UGH. You’re telling me. The birthday planning that should be simple – never is. Especially when you try to do it all yourself and kind of realize other humans could possibly be helpful. 😛

    I am finally realized part of being super-mom is asking for help.

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