Nipples {.028}

Kids have to learn their body parts sooner or later right? You know, the knee bone is connected to the hip bone {or something like that}. Well, sometimes I wish they didn’t because it’s awkward telling your child about their private body parts. The time came where my little man asked me what a private part of his body was and it was not fun.

After I gave Jayden a bath and dried him off with his towel, he started looking down at himself. He started poking his chest until he got to his nipple area. In my head I was already like “Oh Lord, please don’t let him ask me what that is!!!”.

Well, let’s just say that Jesus didn’t’ listen to me that time. Jayden asked me what it was. The problem is that he is so darn cute I tell him everything and anything. He asks me questions in his adorable little voice and looks up at me with those huge brown eyes and this time was no different.

“Whas is dis?!”, he asked. I hesitated. I asked “What the hell is it Nicole? You’ve gotta tell him something! A raisin? No, he’ll try to eat it. A button? No, he won’t stop playing with it.”

“A nipple!” I said with enthusiasm.

“A nipple?” he said, with a confused look on his face.

“Yes, a nipple.” I was determined to say that for the last time. It was just getting too awkward for me.

“It’s a nipple!” he said. I think he was just excited that he finally knew what those two buttons on his chest were called.

“That’s right.” I said. Trying to cut the conversation short.

Surprisingly enough. That was it. He didn’t talk about it for the rest of the morning. My fear of telling him the truth had been proven to be for no reason at all.

I guess he’s more mature than I think.

Fear is only as deep as the mind allows

Japanese Proverb

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